Hypnosis Unleashed Show DVDs, and Products2018-02-18T14:22:25+00:00

Live DVD of the Nightly Show Hypnosis Unleashed. Email info@vegashypnosisshow.com and tell us the date you attended and we will send you your show! For those learning stage hypnosis, contact us for quantity discounts and to get multiple dates!

Learn some fun things about yourself! Make your friends answer questions with their sub-conscious, or just make it look like you are moving something with your mind! Your hand made pendulum comes with complete instructions to make your brain game happen!

10 of our most popular MP3's in English and Spanish on one thumb drive. Nothing beats learning powerful self-hypnosis techniques for: Weight Loss Better Sleep Better Testing Memory Gratitude Motivation Pain Control Public Speaking Self-Confidence/Relaxation Stop Smoking Awaiting Treatment As an add bonus enjoy our Family Friendly Hypnosis Show: IN YOUR HEAD included on every…